Jeff Bezos Net Worth, Family, Achievements & Personal Details

Jeff Bezos (Jeffrey Preston Bezos Jorgensen) was born on 12th January 1964. He is a famous entrepreneur. An investor, founder, and CEO of Amazon, computer engineer, and media proprietor. His net worth Is around 140 billion dollars. He is the second most rich person in the world. From the year 2017 to 2021 the record of being the wealthiest is properly maintained by him. He has a huge fan following. So, if you are one of his fans and want to know more about him. Then this article is for you or else check Forbes. Let’s learn more about a successful entrepreneur Jeff Bezos.

jeff bezos net worth

Jeff Bezos Education & Qualification

He was born in Albuquerque, which is in New Mexico, U.S. & brought up in Miami & Houston. He attended his school in Albuquerque Montessori school at the age of 2. For 4th – 6th grade he studied in Houston at River Oaks Elementary School. In 1986, he completed his graduation from a university named Princeton University. Jeff Bezos did computer science & electric engineering. He invested in various companies and is the founder of many companies such as blue origin, Bezos Expeditions, and the most well known Amazon. Presently Amazon is the biggest sales company in the world. It provides various products as well as services. Music, streaming, an online shopping application, and so on.

Jeff Bezos Family Details

His spouse MacKenzie Scott and have 4 children. Jeff Bezos, son of Theodore Jørgensen & Jacklyn. According to Wikipedia Jeff Bezos’ mother was just a high school student at 17 years old and his father was just 19 years old at the time of his birth. They face many challenging situations, even after completing High School. She used to carry Jeffrey, her baby with her. After the divorce of his parents, his mother got married to Mike Bezos. That’s how his surname changed to Bezos. As he was adopted by Mike Bezos. He was only 4 years old when Mike adopted him. After his graduation was completed, they moved to Houston, Texas for job. So that he could start his journey of working as an engineer. Before engineering, when he was studying in high school, he worked as a cook at McDonald’s. There he worked the morning shift breakfast.

Jeff Bezos Career & Professional Life

When Jeff was in High School, he developed an Institute. This Dream Institute is a center to promote Creative Thinking among youngsters. After completing his graduation, he did a job at various positions. In New York, he tried many jobs and achieved the position of Senior Vice President. At the time he was the youngest among others and his responsibility was to examine the opportunities for investment on the internet. With his brilliancy and potential a vision of being an entrepreneur sparked in his mind.

In the year 1994, he left his job and moved to Seattle in Washington. With a vision of starting a virtual bookstore. At that time, he with his few employees developed the software for their virtual BookStore. They named their site after a river in South America Amazon. The first sales of Amazon took place in 1995 in the month of July. Amazon was founded by Jeff on a road trip to Seattle. From just being a bookstore. Amazon grew into an E-Commerce platform that is now the biggest sales company in the world. From E-Commerce platform to offering audio and video streaming, artificial intelligence, web services, and so on.

Other Occupation

Besides Amazon Jeff founded a company space flight named blue origin. Blue Origin was launched in 2000. In the year 2018 Jeff Bezos was the richest person in the whole world with a net worth of around 112 billion dollars. He bought an affiliate publication, The Washington Post for around 250 million dollars in the year 2013. Aside from these, he managed to invest in many projects. His venture capital firm is named Bezos Expeditions. The investment makes money, he makes a lot of money through his investments.

Jeff Bezos Per Day Income | Jeff Bezos Net Worth

After making a net worth of around 150 billion dollars in 2018, Jeff achieved the title of being the “richest man in modern history”, on Forbes. According to Forbes, In the year 2020, his net worth rose to around 200 billion dollars. In July 2021, Andy Jassy (chief of Amazon Cloud) replaced Jeff in the position of CEO of the company Amazon. His new role is “Executive Chairman”.

Jeff Bezos Personal Life Details

Talking a little bit about his personal life. He met her spouse at D.E Shaw. In January 2019, they revealed that they were separating and getting divorced. The next day, a story was revealed that created buzz. It was about Jeff having an extra marital affair. Jeff then investigated how his personal details leaked. His investigation continued and he found out that the brother of his lover leaked it.

Undoubtedly, he is the richest person even now, but he didn’t achieve this at Wall Street. When he was making the decision of leaving Wall Street. He asked himself, does leaving Wall Street will make him regret it later in his 80s. “No” he got the answer. Another question he asked himself was “Will it make him regret it later if he misses the beginning of the Internet” Yes. He got his answer. The clarity in his thoughts is one of the main positive parts of his success. Within a few decades, he successfully grew his business and fortune to an amazing level.

He literally fulfilled his vision of opening an e-bookstore. Even he did much more than that. A clear vision, potential & ability to determine the opportunity are some important parts of his success and personality. Doing investments makes me richer. A young creative vision and hard work never go vacant. He proved it.  His controversies related to scandals, personal life, and especially his achievements make him a well known name all over the world.

Companies Owned By Jeff Bezos | Jeff Bezos Investment In Companies

Below mentioned are the companies owned by him.


Amazon doesn’t need any description. Everyone probably used it at least once. It is the biggest e-commerce platform. Working time:- 24 hours a day. The site is easy to use. Offer a huge range of options. The review section is very helpful for everyone. It started only with selling books. Now it offers what not. From books to videos. The success of Amazon encourages many retailers & motivated them to make investments to make online stores. Jeff invested in many virtual platforms. In 2005 amazon started offering a huge range of consumer appliances, like electronics, and hardware products. Later in 2006 it diversified and started offering web services. In the year 2007, Kindle was launched for online readers. An e-book reader application, that provides the facility of downloading, reading, and purchasing your favorite book from a huge collection of books. In the same year, they stepped into production and started producing their own series and shows. This brought a massive growth in sales. The sales in 1995 were just around 5,10,000 dollars. Whereas in 2018, the sales of amazon rose to 234 billion dollars. According to the reports of 2021, Jeff holds over a 10% stake in Amazon.

The Washington Post

Jeff Bezos bought this in 2013. It is an American Newspaper. This newspaper has been circulating in America since 1877. Jeff bought and pushed it to digitalization in order to grow its global recognition. It had a positive impact even on national readers. After some years around 3 million subscribers of this newspaper.

Blue Origin

It is an aerospace company. Also, another business venture of Jeff Bezos. When he left the position of CEO of Amazon. He decided to invest more time in this. Bob Smith is the CEO of this venture. The aim of Blue Origin is similar to SpaceX; that is, to cut down the cost of space travel. It is possible through the use of reusable vehicles. In 2019, Bezos revealed the plans. According to which a project “Blue Moon” will be prepared by the year 2024. It is a ‘Blue Origin moon lander”.

Final Words

Jeff Bezos is one of the richest people in the world. His vision, risk taking personality (as he left Wall Street to build his future), and an investing mindset helps him to achieve success and build a fortune. There were many ups and downs in his life, but he still created a massive difference in society.

By creating such an amazing e-commerce platform and still working for more creative innovations. For more information, you can check Forbes to get detailed information about his net worth. Younger minds must take inspiration from his work and success. Believe in yourself and hard work will surely help you in the sky.

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